35.Jody Bogdan(non-registered)
Thanks for sending me the message! I hope to be able to select some soon!! No time atm!! Meanwhile saved to favs!
34.Diane Severns Riverrun Beagels & Smooth Dachshunds(non-registered)
Love your work. Do you have any of Danielle Goodland and my 13" beagle
33.Coralie Strauss Reinhart(non-registered)
Johjean Al-Cor's Deja Vu 13" Beagle Skokie Valley Dec 2013 thanks you what a beautiful picture. I just wish you had sunday too.
32.cathy whipple(non-registered)
Looking for photo of my dog from fond du loc specialty harl heart dane handled by mike chiles from this last winter
That's my girl:) You've come a long ways Baby! Haven't seen you snce I was 76.Miss ya.
30.Uta and Olaf(non-registered)
Good evening! Greetings from Germany send Uta and Olaf. You have a very good site and pretty boxers.Congratulations to all results . We wish you for 2012 all the best. Our url. www.die2muntermacher.eu. Thanks
29.Canine Candids by Lynda
Thank you Dunbar :)
28.Dunbar Woodford(non-registered)
Loved viewing your photos.
27.Canine Candids by Lynda
Kathy, you are so sweet, I shall grow a big head! I hope to make it up to West Allis tomorrow, will you be there? I think you said you would be...
26.Kathy Moats
Lynda, just had a few moments to go back over your work, especially Dobes (lol!). You are so talented. Outstanding. It's like christmas looking for our photos from the latest show!
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