If you do not see your question answered here, please ... ask!

Please note: Galleries from 2016-2019 are not fully edited. They have not yet been completely color corrected, straightened, or even cropped, and these images can be cropped significantly.

If you see an unedited photo and want to be sure it will work for your purposes, just email the photo number and gallery to [email protected] and I can fully edit the photo to your specifications before you purchase.

All indoor images are shot without flash -- as a result, your images may have more noise/grain than an outside image, this is unavoidable although we are able to do some smoothing. Also because of the low light conditions, we cannot achieve a super-fast shutter speed, which means your images may not be as sharp as an outdoor image -- if the picture is not sharp on your monitor, it will not be sharp in print. We recommend all images be viewed on a monitor rather than a mobile device for selection.

How do I buy photos on Zenfolio?

Go to the photo and click "Buy" This will open a shopping cart and will lead you through the process of order and payment.

There are three types of images, each having a somewhat different function, so please read to make sure that you get the right one for your purpose:

  1. Photos: Self-explanatory. They come in a variety of sizes and may be cropped to your specifications. If you can't get the tool to show where you would like it to be cropped just leave me a written description. There is generally plenty of room around the subject so that we can crop to most desires. I will run it past you before approving it to go to the lab. We do not recommend buying prints to scan. If you do not have a good scanner you will not get as good of an image.
  2. Low-Resolution files: These are designed to be used online only, not for printing. May be used on websites, Facebook, etc.
  3. High-Resolution files: These are designed for print advertising or may be used to create prints. If you have a good printer, then you should get good quality photos from these files. You may also use them at another lab to create photos. We recommend printing at 300ppi for the best quality, but 100ppi at minimum. Note: You will not need to buy a low res file to use an image online if you are already buying a high res. A high res may be used for printing and/or online.

We also have many specialty products available with photos on them: mugs, shirts, etc. as well as frames in many styles.

Please be sure to give photo credit in all advertising and please send me an electronic copy (jpg preferred) so I can feature on my Facebook page. Within hours, hundreds of fanciers will see your ad.

(For Win Photos) What is that empty red photo frame doing in my photo?

You will notice that there is an empty frame in the photo if you have taken a win photo. This will be replaced with the appropriate award after the photo has been selected and purchased. It is a time consuming process via PhotoShop which is why it is not done to all photos. You can see a sample replacement award sign at https://LyndaBeam.zenfolio.com/p883993923/edb24d808. We can adjust lettering to suit your needs/desires, just let us know what you would like!

Because of the time involved in creating win photos, they are not included in multiple photo packages.

What if I'm not sure how a photo will look once it's color corrected and cropped to my specifications?

Ask, and I will load a preview for you. If you like it, buy it. If not, and there's something else to be done, let me know!

What if I'm not comfortable with computers and prefer to talk to a person?

Send me an email and I will contact you for your order.

What if I would prefer to pay by check?

Contact me to get the correct total and you may send a check. Once it has cleared, I will approve the order and it will be sent to you.

What if I don't like the product after I've received it?

Let me know and I will do my utmost to make you happy. Sometimes that involves returning the product to the lab for reprint, sometimes it involves a refund or replacement of images.

Yes ... it's easy as that

Can you do modifications to the photos (i.e., blur backgrounds, cut-outs, etc.)?

Sometimes, ask and I'll see what I can do. Small changes such as bugs, etc. I can probably handle with no problem.


What shows will you be at?

Click on "Blog" and look at the sidebar, I will generally have a list of shows I'm attending there once I've decided to go. Or ask!


Do you take private requests?

Yes, I do take requests. Contact me privately if you are in need of a particular type of photo or a private shoot. Otherwise, I tend to pick a ring that is advantageous for taking candids and "park" there until groups! Also happy to set up private shoots local to Grayslake, IL or surrounding communities.


Will you send photos directly to magazine publishers? 

Sure, but please keep in mind that I have a day job as well, and I may not be able to access your photo until I return home in the afternoon.


Will you mail images on a DVD?

Yes, additional fees apply. Add DVD from the certificates page.


I really hate the photo you have up of my dog, what do I do?

It doesn't happen very often, but occasionally it does! Just email me with a link to the photo and I will get it down as quickly as humanly possible. It would be helpful to know why you dislike a photo so I am sure not to post one again with the same "fault."